Sunday, August 29, 2010

All Things Design

Welcome to City Southern! Why "City Southern" you ask? The name came from my girlfriends in college. On a college campus in the heart of the south, we were all Southern girls but all from big cities that don't usually come to mind when you think of small town southern charm. We were our own kind of "southern girls"...CITY Southern! I am proud to be city southern and find that it influences all aspects of my life, for better or worse - my personality, my work ethic, my wardrobe, even my passion for design.

Not only do I have a love for weddings and other event design, but interior design and fashion. This blog is especially dedicated to All Things Design. Designs of my own, designs I admire, fashion design, ideas and inspiration and anything else that may or may not be related to design.

I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment and contribute!

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