Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fight on, You Orange and Blue!

****WARNING: Angry Rant Below. It has nothing to do with Desgin.****
I am outraged. My sadness has turned into pure anger. If you know me, you know I am an Auburn Tiger. If you know Auburn Tigers, you know that there is a very STRONG rivalry between us and that other school in the great state of Alabama. You might think that because we are southern schools that fans display their animosity toward their rival with grace and charm and as much dignity as they display their love for their own school. You would think wrong.

I discovered today that the trees at Toomer's Corner are dying and there is little hope. My heart sank upon hearing the news and I've been in a bit of a funk today about it. Then I got a little sentimental and excited that I'll be back on campus in a few weeks and can see it one last time before the trees are gone {please, please, please don't take them down yet!!} and also show my husband for the first time since he's never seen it before. {Click here to read about the history of Toomer's Corner}

Then, my Dad sent me an article and I learned that the trees were poisoned ON PURPOSE. It was an Alabama fan. He was pissed that we won the National Championship and decided to poison the trees...and then call into a radio show and brag about doing it. They've done soil tests and now they don't think they can save the trees. 130 year old trees that never hurt anybody!! And an age-old school tradition of harmless fun and team spirit - RUINED. They arrested the guy {Thank God} but I think part of his punishment should have to be cleaning up all the Toilet Paper from Toomer's and listening to several hours of the Auburn Fight Song on a daily basis. Oh, and never allowed to attend another Alabama game for the rest of his life.

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