Friday, February 18, 2011

The Legend of the *poof*

You may have noticed a photo or two on my blog with some silly girl {that would be me} wearing some ridiculous looking white poofball on her head. You may also have heard of the legend of the *poof* and wondered about the story behind it. You may not care at all, but I'm going to share it with you anyway.
Once upon a time, back in the Summer of 2009 there was a handsome computer geek {Chris} who proposed to a {wannabe} fashionista {me}. She said yes and the wedding planning began. This fashionista happened to be a FAMOUS {in her own circle of friends} Wedding Planner who would accept nothing but the best and most fabulous chic things for her wedding events {no really, it's true}. She decided that a regular old "Bachelorette Party" just would not do. She requested of her Maid of Honor {MOH/PIC..."Partner In Crime"} a girls' weekend somewhere amazing but not too far away. The one and only CoCo {Chanel, I really need to specify??} said it so perfectly, "A Girl should always be two things: Classy and Fabulous" so they picked New York City {which is both Classy and Fabulous}. The fashionista knew not all of her favorite girlies would be able to make the trip, but she knew the ones who could make it would have a blast.

The planning began but MOH kept it all a secret from the fashionista {and the CONTROL FREAK that she is did not like this, but knew it would be worth it}. Even though she was not allowed to know the details, the fashionista still insisted that the trip remain a classy and fabulous chic girls' weekend without all the cheesy "bachelorette" stuff. This of course meant that she would refuse to wear a veil of any kind {and would promptly dis-own the friend who tried to make her wear one}.

One day, out shopping in the market {Nordy's} with one of her favorite gal pals {who happened to be helping MOH plan the trip} the fashionista spotted a sale rack and was drawn in by some unseen force {umm...I did mention the SALE part right? SALE=unseen force}. The force led her to the headband section where she never ever goes and there she found some headbands that were just not classy or fabulous {seriously ridiculous crazy feather covered things}. But - amongst the eye-sores, she found an all white *poof* {there really is no other way to describe it}. She tried it on, jokingly, and said to her gal pal "What if you made me wear THIS in New York instead of a veil? haha". Gal Pal replied "OMG, YES! I am buying that immediately". The *poof* was purchased and their lives would be forever changed.

So...the *poof* is seriously something you can get away with in a fashion-centric place like New York and I was going to be wearing an all white dress so it worked and was super chic. I got alllll sorts of compliments while wearing it. And the group decided that it would become an heirloom piece, passed on from one bride to the next so that they too could be a classy and fabulous bachelorette and the stories of the bachelorettes and their parties would be passed on along with the *poof*...and they would all live {as} happily ever after {as they could}.

The End.

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