Monday, June 6, 2011

A's Bubbly Bridal Shower!

Continuing with the theme of long-overdue-posts...

Here's a little bit more about A's Bridal Shower!

The theme for the shower was "Around the Clock". If you've never heard of that - it's a great way to make sure the bride-to-be receives a wide variety of gifts because each guest is assigned a time and they bring a gift or gifts that the bride {or the couple} might use at that time of the day. For example, bath towels would be great for an early morning time since people usually shower in the morning. You might give a set of their wedding china for a dinner time assignment. Etc. Etc.

The other "theme" of the day was Champagne! A loves her bubbly so I made sure to not only have plenty of it, but to incorporate it into decor and activities as well.

The most major way was with a Champagne Tasting - yum! Okay, so most of the choices weren't actually "champagne" because they weren't from Champagne, France...but, it was all delcious just the same.

The tasting was not formal in any way - I just explained the selection and let everyone try at their own pace. The options were different varieties of sparkling wine and champagne rather than different brands of the same variety. Most were a brand called Freixenet {fresh-eh-net} because that's A's favorite. The went from Brut {the most dry} to Spumante {the sweetest}. I made up posters to help everyone figure it out and also put out a little book with the tasting notes for each bottle. There were about 3 or 4 varieties in addition to the ones on the poster.

We had plenty of champagne flutes for everyone but the bride had a special one! It's ever so slightly tinted pink. I was too busy running around that I forgot to have it out for her already so I ran over to remedy the situation. I merely told A that it was there and ready for her next glass, but oh no - she dumped her current selection into the pink glass and handed me back the clear one. I should have known better!

Here's an up-close picture where it's a little easier to see the color of the glass:

I can't believe the wedding is in 18 Days!! I'm SO excited and so happy for A & K!!
Sorry to get all mushy-gushy on you, but I've seen their relationship from the very HIGH SCHOOL, so I just can't help it!
{I can hardly write a blog post without tearing am I supposed to make it through a wedding toast?!}

We leave for A's Bachelorette Weekend on Friday. Once again, she doesn't know all the details so I can't talk about them yet, but I can tell you we'll be doing a little LOT more of this!!:

I have lots more to post about the bridal shower, so check back later this week!!

{All Photograhs were taken by Wade Chi and he is awesome}

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