Thursday, September 8, 2011

Curl Fix

A Sorta Fashion-ish Related Post, very different from the norm on City Southern, but TRES important!!

Remember when we {ladies} were young girls, and those with straight hair dreamed of having curls while our curly haired friends envied our straight locks? My hair was straight. Go-to-bed-wet and wake up with stick-straight-hair kind of straight. I desparately wanted curly hair. Since I was a kid in the 80's and my Mom wouldn't let me get a perm...I'd go to bed with braids and wake up with {bad} waves, or just use a crimper {haha, omg I can't believe Then around the age of 13 or 14, my body said "oh so you don't want straight hair?? fine, we'll just give you a frizzy, wavy, MESS!" For years I didn't know what to do with it, so {coveniently during my "awkward years"} I just walked around with said frizzy, wavy, mess and it was bad. Then I started testing all those products that claim to turn wavy frizz into actual curls...and it worked! For about 30 minutes and then you just had wavy frizz with lots of product in it. I bought a flat iron in college and it helped, but still wasn't ever able to find a product that would allow me to go without spending 45 additional minutes on straightening my hair.

Fast forward to present day...

I was wasting a large amount of time at work browsing Pinterest and saw this Garnier Fructis bottle. Someone pinned it with a caption about "this stuff really actually works!" and I was intrigued, but ignored it because most Garnier Fructis stuff smells like fresh fruit which immediately makes me sick {I'm allergic, and my throat gets scratchy and uncomfortable}. But then I was in the grocery store recently with the hubster and saw this product on the shelf. It was literally $3 and then I thought, even if it smells or doesn't work, I think it's worth a shot for the price. So in the cart it went. On the next rainy day, I used it. And proceeded to fall in LOVE with it. Smells great {no scratchy throat..yay!} gives me curl minus the frizz, lasts damn near the entire day. Even straightening my hair doesn't last all day. Better still: after a full day at work when my hair is completely dry and the curls have started to fall, I can spritz on a few pumps, scrunch it up and bring my style back to life! No Joke, TRY IT if you are still searching for a curl "activator"/ scrunching spray/ wave tamer.

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