Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pantry Project & Inspiration

Hubs and I just renewed our lease through January of 2013 {yikes!}...not very happy about it, nor am I happy about the SERIOUS price increase but...c'est la vie! We decided to make the most of the situation and give the place a mini-makeover. I'd love to say we are going to redecorate but since we only plan to be there for a short while longer, I'd rather save the money to decorate our HOUSE. Instead we are going to give everything a deep clean, shuffle things around, re-organize and add more storage space. Yay! {hubs might not have the enthusiasm right now that I do, but he will thank me in the end, right babe?}

First up: The kitchen pantry. Here are some inspiration photos to tide you over until I can finish my project and post on the results.
{all images via Pinterest}

...of course I have inspiration photos of much larger pantries that are more decorated, but for our purposes in the rented apartment - I'm only after the organization and space-saving.
Can't wait until it's finished!

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