Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabulous Finds... in {Kate} Spades!

I own a few Kate Spade items {including wedding china} but I've never been a die-hard fan of the brand overall. Occasionally I will find a piece or two I like but generally speaking I find things to be just shy of amazing. So, I tend to just look them right over. But, it appears as though Kate has remodeled her website, and the whole line of products along with it - and I have to admit, I'm loving it!
{This is my laptop case. Chic. Durable. Classic. Organized.
and BONUS: Available at the outlet!}
{I'll take one of these please! Reminds me of classic Chanel}

{This phone cover makes me want to go trade my phone in for an iPhone 4!}

{LOVE me some stripes}

{These colors are fabulous. And the idiom bangles are less than $30 each...score!}
{Anyone else have a Beastie Boys song stuck in their head after reading these bangles??}

And finally...I'm excited to see what Kate Spade comes up with for their upcoming expanded Home Collection. I'll definitely have to post and critique on that!
Have any of you lovelies checked it out for yourself? Got your eye on anything in particular??

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