Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dandelion Patch

I have plenty of *go-to* stores in different categories, but my one-stop-shop for all things stationery happens to be The Dandelion Patch. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my wedding invitations which I got from the Patch.

(image from Sanderon Images Photography)

No need for invitations or stationery? They are also a great go-to for gifts! Baby shower gifts, hostess gifts, birthday gifts, bridesmaid gifts, Fathers' Day gifts, Mothers' Day gifts, and 'just because' gifts. This store is one of my little secret weapons, but I have decided to share it with YOU! The Dandelion Patch started out in Vienna and the Reston Town Center store has been open for several years now. TODAY they are having a Grand Opening Celebration for their newest store in Georgetown. (I think it's a prerequisite to be uberfab if you open up a store in Georgetown!)

And you should also take a peek at Heidi's blog. Heidi Kallett is the owner and brilliant mind behind Dandelion Patch, and all of her employees are just as amazing and helpful.

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