Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TRADhome Launch

Two Posts in ONE Day?! ...Shut the front door. No really, the launch of TRADhome is today and I just wanted to remind everyone who RSVP'd for the event to check it out and report back! And then I clicked on my link to see the premier issue and it didn't work, and the link on lonnymag.com didn't work, and the link on Traditional Home took you to the RSVP page. I'm dying to see...is anyone else having difficulties?!

If you are unfamiliar, I am talking about the new "love child" of the editors of Lonny and Traditional Home. It's the latest online magazine, and once it's working - go check it out!!


I got it working now!
 Go HERE and if it doesn't work or gives you the "OOPS" page, just click the link at the top left that says "MAGAZINE".

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