Monday, April 4, 2011

J's Shower: Part II

Earlier I posted here about the fabulous food we had at J's shower in early March. One thing I did mention was that the shower was in Atlanta and neither myself nor my co-hostess lives in Atlanta - Logistical challenge numero uno. One thing I did not mention was that we {my husband, KH who was invited as a guest, and myself} decided to drive down from DC instead of fly. The main reason was to have the ability to transport everything I needed. We had serving pieces, plates, glasses, favors, prizes, crafts, misc decor, etc in addition to luggage for three people. We had originally reserved a Tahoe for the trip but decided it wouldn't be big enough and upgraded to the Suburban. Thank goodness we got it all to fit!

I didn't do a very good job of capturing images since we were running around to get ready and didn't have a charged battery for the SLR, but here's some of the lovely we had going on that day:

{sign: "Jamie loves her engagement bling and Jamie loves shoes. Pick the one you love the most and take it home with you!". The rest of those Kate Spade green stripe plates were in the other room displaying some of Lauren's yummy food}

{hand sanitizer: "I love BLING" and "I love SHOES"}

{the favors were shower loofahs and I suspended them from an actual shower curtain hanging on the wall!}

{tied to all the shower loofahs: "Thank you, with Love... from Jamie's shower to yours!"}

{prizes for the winners of the shower games}

{Everyone contributed a favorite recipe to get the bride started}

{this was used to display the "bling on a string" for one of the games we played}

{J is not known for being crafty but she helped make some POMS for my bridal shower, so KH and I returned the favor and made some. The hung in several places throughout the space but these were suspended over the corner of the couch where J opened all her gifts}

{J loves mimosas and they were the drink of choice for this afternoon brunch shower. So, my co-hostess Lauren and I stuck with the theme and gave J champagne flutes with her new monogram}

{very fuzzy picture, but some hot pink gerberas in bud vases made a centerpiece for a lot less}

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