Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Desperate to Decorate!

Is there a term similar to "stir crazy" or "cabin fever" but that applies to wanting to decorate soooo badly but not being able to?? I have all these ideas and see things everywhere I go that I want to buy or recreate the look in MY home, but I don't have MY home yet. I have to WAIT!!! (Clearly, I am the most patient person ever...can you tell??)

I've been holding onto this picture of a powder room from Sea Cliff Residence on houzz. I love everything about this room. I love the imperial trellis design and I think it has such a WOW factor in this small space. I don't think it would work as well without all that natural light and it would definitely be too busy and overpowering in a large room, but here it's just right! That frameless mirror is one I have wanted for a while and is a perfect compliment to the wallpaper. I love the dark hardwood floors and the thick white base boards, and I love the contrast between the two. And the sink....oh, that sink. I am not traditionally a fan of sinks without storage underneath but I am adding this one to my *lust list*. Pedestal sinks are gorgeous, but common. This sink is minimal, classic, beautiful, and I'm starting to see them more and more often...I want one!! Love the fact that the towel bars are there too which eliminates the need for one on the wall - that would cover up the wallpaper! And no artwork in this room either. The walls are art enough.

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