Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Memories

While we are in our temporary living quarters, all our belongings prior to married life are crammed into two large storage units. Everything from the wedding and all our wedding gifts are in a third storage unit, otherwise known as "Mom and Dad's basement"...thanks M&D!! I took a trip to our storage unit after work today to unload a few things and it was good to see some of my stuff! Oh, who am I kidding, I can't SEE any of it. As I unloaded my trunk, I was reminded of some of the fun DIY stuff we did for the wedding. I'll have to post details on our projects but I'm waiting for the professional photos to come back I guess. One of my favorite things (and most time consuming projects!!) is our cake stand.
Yep, we made this beauty! I'm so proud of how it turned out and I love that we can continue to use it. (sorry for the poor quality picture. I went to the storage unit when it was dark and I used my camera phone to snap the photo!)

I will post the step-by-step later but for now, this is what we started with:

And look at how good it looks with our cake on top!

And can I just tell you how amazing our cake was? It was quite possibly the best cake I've ever had - no lie! Teri @ Cakes Unlimited in Charlottesville is a GENIUS!
I can't wait until our one year anniversary when we get to eat our top layer. And I'll let you guess what I'll serve it on!

(thx to Danny for the 1st cake pic and Kat N. for the bottom pic!)

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