Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, KH!

Today is KH's birthday and we are both going over to KM's house this evening to watch GREY's and celebrate her bday. I see Asti Spumante and (Lactose Free) Chocolate Mousse with fresh strawberries is in my future =)

I wrapped up her (fabulous, if I do say so myself) gifts in bags and wrapping paper from Paper Source. I love Paper Source and I love that I can walk to it from work.

I used two of the Luxe Tiny Red Dot Gift Bags and a sheet of the White Poppy Red Wildflowers wrapping paper. It looks the same as the Red Poppy paper (above) but replace the Red with White, replace the Purple with Red and replace the Orange with Lime Green.

My apologies for the horrible camera phone pictures...again. I really need to find my SLR battery!!

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  1. hey kat! cool site. :)
    you might like my neighbor's blog. you two remind me a bit of each other - in a good way!


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