Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*Lust List* ...for LESS!

Wow! My *Lust List* just got a LOT longer. Chris and I are saving for our first house (and paying off all our debt) and it's time to really buckle down and get serious! I'm truly excited about it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am such a shopaholic so this is going to be a struggle for me. It will be a challenge that I am more than willing to accept!

My list used to be things I might someday buy but are just a touch out of my price range at the moment. My list will now include things like shampoo when it's not on sale, and the more expensive cut of meat at the grocery store. Don't worry, I won't bother to post those items on my blog =). I will however try to find comparable things at better prices - sort of a Luxe for Less edition of my Lustworthy items.

So...Here it is, Luxe for Less...I always hated my headboard as a child. I had a Laura Ashley fabric for my bedspread with the same fabric as curtains and an upholstered headboard. It looked like a Laura Ashley store threw up in my bedroom, but then again so did everyone else's bedroom my age! I was so excited when my Mom let me re-do my room (in a new Laura Ashley pattern of course) but I was unable to escape the headboard! So, here I am as an adult and what do I have on my *lust list*? upholstered headboard of course!

The beds and headboards below are listed with the more expensive version on the left and the less expensive version on the right. They are pretty much identical (looking) in all cases but the savings speak for themselves. Listed in order of savings:

Left: Home Decorators Collection $399 Queen; Right: Home Shopping Network $299 any size

Left: Crate & Barrel Colette Bed $1,599 Queen; Right: Urban Home Lauren $599 Queen

Left: OLY Design Studio Dakota Bed $4,125 - $11,525; Right: Nate Berkus (HSN) $449.90
...*sigh* I just have to WAIT to buy one!

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