Monday, October 11, 2010

Latest Love:Lonny

I pride myself on not being a "collector" of things. I like clean, paired down, zero chotchkies, etc. But I also have a problem with getting rid of things. I find myself saying "I might need that someday". Very annoying. But I'm getting better, I promise! One thing I can't seem to part with is magazines. My house growing up was filled with magazines and catalgoues. (*Mirror, Mirror on the wall...I am my Mother afterall*) My house now (correction: my storage unit now) is filled with magazines. Mom has a good excuse- she is a designer and she uses them for reference and inspiration. I too have an excuse: I am a wedding planner (who just got done with planning her own wedding a few months ago!) so I use them for reference and inspiration, and I loan them out to friends and clients.

It's a bad habit. or maybe a guilty pleasure?

For me, it's just another reason to LOVE LONNY. Of course, you can buy the print version of the ultra fab Lonny Magazine, but the online format *swoon* is F-R-E-E! They just celebrated their one year anniversary and it can only get better.

The latest issue has a really great spread on designer Palmer Weiss. There's a quote from her I am totally going to steal because I say it all the time! "I truly wanted a calling, not just a job"

And for all you design-loving mommys out there, check this out!

Here are a couple images I love from Lonny's latest issue.

If you haven't read Lonny before, you're truly missing out!

I'm linking up! To 6th Street Design School. Head on over to check out Kirsten's Lonny blog post and visit other bloggers' posts about Lonny.

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