Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Birds: One Stone

I killed two birds with one stone and I'm going to show you how I did it. (Not literally, I promise!)

My desk at work (at my "9 to 5" job ...which is NEVER 9:00 to 5:00 so why do I call it that??) is a desk in an open area. It sits outside my office with a window and a door that closes (where I only sit about once or twice a week). I can't keep a plant or real flowers at this desk because there's no sunlight and they would die very quickly so I have had the same fake flowers on my desk for almost 8 years. Well, maybe only as long as I've been in my current building so let's say 5 years. Needless to say, I have grown tired of these flowers. They are also orange and don't go with my stuff unless my Autumn and Halloween decorations are out. So, I gave them to a co-worker.

I have another problem which I'm sure a lot of people can relate to. Being that I'm in an open area, people always steal my stuff (mostly pens). I try to keep a separate stash of pens and pencils I don't care about so that when they disappear I don't care as much - but it gets expensive because I constantly have to replace them. And since I'm OCD, they have to match the decor so they can't be any old pens or pencils.

My solution:

I made flower pens! They are great! I have to admit, I don't like them separately because they look a little juvenile. But when grouped together, they look like a pretty decent bunch of (fake) flowers! Now, when people "borrow" a pen, most of them are guys and won't want to hang on to it. The rest of them who do take it, won't be able to claim it's theirs when I catch them with it!

Start off with regular stick pens. DON'T use click pens!
Cut the stem of the flower to the length you prefer. I tried several different lengths but never past the soft grip of the pen.

Use floral tape (I used green to make it look more like a flower stem) and wrap the pen and stem closely together...all the way down to the end of the stem and all the way back up to the top.

et voila! It's that easy!

Repeat until you have enough flowers to fill a cup or vase. If you want the look of an arrangement, it would be better to use different pens of different lengths. I used the same pens so they would match.
The finished product resting on my Colin Cowie Bible.
(Seriously, the book is my hostessing, organizing BIBLE)

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