Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom Cave

Any of you LADIES have a "Man Cave" in your house, but don't have a space of your own? HomeGoods has teamed up with designer Elaine Griffin to giveaway a mancave for moms - a "Mom Cave"!

I am not yet a mom but I love a space to call my own (that is not the kitchen or any other common area of the house). I imagine when we have kids that I will want a husband-free & kid-free mommy zone.
If I had my own "Mom Cave"...
1. It would be connected to a crafting/work space but not combined. (if there was enough room)
2. It would be comfortable and chic.
3. It would have enough seating to entertain my fabulous girlfriends, but small enough to still feel cozy when it's just me.
4. It would always have candles, fresh flowers and at least one bottle of wine at the ready.
5. It would have a secret stash of chocolate.
6. A fireplace would be amazing.
Do any of you have your own "Mom Cave"?

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