Friday, October 29, 2010

Laundry List

Where do you focus your decorating energy in your home? We all know "kitchens and baths sell houses" (unless of course you are a super-talented DIYer who wants beat up bathrooms and kitchens to remodel yourselves!) so they tend to be decorated to your liking first. Most people answer with any number of the rooms that guests spend time. Others focus on the rooms where they spend the most time themselves. But what about the laundry room? Many of us spend way more time than we would like to admit in our laundry rooms (unless you have a rockstar husband who does the laundry!). Many of us have our washer and dryer in a mud room where everyone enters the house. So, why should you treat this room with any less decorating savvy than all the rest?? Besides, it could make a less-than-fun chore, a little more bearable!

Here of some of my favorite droolworthy laundry rooms:

all images via Decorpad
And last but not least, my FAVORITE one:
I love the color of the washer and dryer, I love the style of the cabinets, I love the wallpaper, I love the hangers, I love the stairs, and I love love LOVE the chandelier! I got the pic from Decorpad but I believe this beauty actually belongs to a fellow blogger, Saucy.

Okay, now you've seen the beauty so it's time for me to complain for a minute. The one thing I cannot STAND about all of these laundry rooms (unfortunately) is they all have front-load washers. It's totally the fault of my father's brainwashing but I am not a fan of the front-load washers. I always get the water going and add detergent BEFORE the clothes go in so I'm not sure that's a habit I can kick. I also have a habit of needing to add another shirt or a random sock I left behind once the washer has started going. How are you supposed to open a door filled with water?? My Dad also taught me that front-load washers are bacteria breeders. It's TRUE, and it causes a moldy SMELL if you're not careful. Thif youere is a product you can buy called "smelly washer" that will get rid of the smell but I couldn't tell you if it helps the actual mold/bacteria problem or not. Have any of you tried it? Does anyone out there agree with me??

And if you don't have a huge room or a lot of money to spend, here are a few great tips:

  • Paint the walls (or use wallpaper or a stencil for added interest)

  • Hang a picture, a small piece of artwork or a sign

  • Replace wire metal shelving with inexpensive cabinets from a hardware store, or use solid wood shelves and storage bins that match

  • Replace your light fixture with something more decorative

  • Buy a pretty ironing board cover and display it instead of hiding it away (try Etsy)


This room is less extravagant but equally as beautiful!

So...did I strike a nerve with anyone? Do you agree? Have you recently done a laundry room makeover in your own home? Please share!

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  1. I am so into pretty laundry rooms! It's so important for more task-oriented rooms to be organized and look good. Cannot wait to get my washer & dryer out of the basement and into a decorated room. Someday!


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